Walden Magic Model Stand-Up Paddleboard 9'4"

Walden Magic Model Stand-Up Paddleboard 9'4"
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The Walden Magic Model 9'4" Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) is designed as a hybrid board. Firstly it delivers outstanding performance in the surf for the more capable paddler, and secondly it offers female and lighter paddlers a compact, yet stable option for flat-water.
Like all Magic Models this SUP features Walden's patented hull design. Single concave runs from the nose through to the midpoint creating lift and stability, then a double concave extends towards the tail to maintain sensitivity when riding waves.

A smooth, continuous rocker and a moderate amount of vee out through the tail keeps it highly maneuverable, while the bevel running around the perimeter of the board adds forgiveness in more critical situations.

The step-deck reduces the volume in the rail, which allows the board to sit high in the water, while keeping it responsive through turns.

Other features include the 4 + 1 fin configuration, deck pad with an arch bar and kick and a clear textured traction that runs to the nose.

If you like riding waves but still want the added stability that comes with a fuller outline, or you're a lighter paddler who doesn't want a longer board, the Walden 9'4" SUP is a great choice.

  • LENGTH: 9'4"
  • WIDTH: 29"
  • THICKNESS: 4 1/2"
  • VOLUME: 141 literes
  • FINS: Walden 9" + FCS GL Sides
  • WEIGHT RANGE: 176 lbs or less

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